April 21/2022

What’s next?

Since I posted on LinkedIn that I had left my former employer and shared a bit of my personal story with burnout, I've gotten tons of very sweet and caring messages asking how I was doing, and saying that I was brave for being so open about everything.

Thank you all so very much for this as this is what makes my heart sing. People being fully human and finding their community right in front of them. Connecting. This is just awesome! ❤️

Also a lot of people wanted to know if I already had an idea of what comes next. And my answer is, I'm not exactly sure yet. I would love to start working again but I check offers very carefully as there are certain things I want, e. g. working parttime, and other things I’m no longer interested in, like office management. There is a whole list of things really so maybe I should write it all down and get back to you. Say next Tuesday? Cool! See you on Tuesday then.