April 11/2022

HTG Farewell

Last week was my last day at HomeToGo and this was my farewell message to the team:

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go...

Hello lovely people,

You haven’t heard from me in a while and probably guessed it already:

my journey with HTG is coming to an end and it’s making me sad and happy at the same time.

The reason why you haven’t heard from me is that for the last several months I had to deal with a lot of health issues, mostly caused by burnout. For a long time I was just addressing the obvious ailments without even knowing what caused them in the first place. Burnout. Who knew?

Anyone who knows me, knows how important mental health is to me and that I always encourage everyone to take care of themselves first. Big surprise I didn’t do it myself, not to a sufficient extent anyways. It was tough to realize that even though I did take care of myself it wasn’t enough. It was also tough to face the root causes and deal with them. But I did it and today I’m happy and very proud I took the time to start healing.

Now it’s time for me to move on and seek out my next adventure but let me tell you first how much I enjoyed being part of a team made of the most incredible people ever! You all are amazing and beautiful and I take with me a lot of precious memories. Memories of meals and laughter shared, your personal stories you entrusted me with, your kindness, and your friendship. I learned a lot from all of you and I appreciate it so very much. Thank you!

There are lots of great new people at HTG I never got to meet who might wonder who is sending this weird-ass goodbye e-mail. I’m sorry we missed each other, I wish you a great time and as many awesome experiences as you can handle. 

Now, for the last time as one of yours: be kind to one another, especially to yourself and have an amazing day!

Goodbye lovely people!

Big hugs and lots of love,


You might wonder why I'm sharing this but I know how important it is to shine a brighter light on topics like burnout or rather mental health in general. We need to talk more about mental health and wellbeing, about real self-care and therapy. About all the stigma still attached to mental health related subjects.

So in telling my personal story I'm trying to do just that and maybe someone somewhere is feeling less alone. ❤️